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Batting Cages vs Baseball Simulators: The Revolution of Baseball Practice.

Baseball, a sport played with passion and strategy, allows both enthusiasts and professionals to enjoy while honing their skills. In this context, batting cages and baseball simulators emerge, offering dedicated spaces for practice and improving the "swing." But what are the key differences between the two? Let's find out:

Batting Cages: The Tradition of the Sport

Batting cages or boxes have specific dimensions (20m long, 4m wide, and 3.8m high) and are made with durable materials such as heavy-duty braided nylon rope, with an 18 gauge and UV treatment, guaranteeing their resistance. Additionally, they include elements such as posts, sleeves, cable, and an 8mm black rope along the edge of the net that ensures greater durability.

Baseball Simulators: Technology at the Service of Baseball

Entering the realm of modernity, we find baseball simulators, such as the renowned Strikezon. This simulator has globally stood out, with a presence in 63 countries and over 40,000 devices on the market. What sets Strikezon apart is its VISION technology, which, through high-speed cameras, precisely captures the trajectory and impact of each ball, recreating each hit accurately. This simulator not only offers an immersive experience for the user but also presents a profitable and scalable business opportunity, with low operational costs and a model that allows for easy market expansion.

Unique Experience with Strikezon

With Strikezon, one can enjoy a realistic gaming experience, where players and defensive strategies can be personalized through a touch kiosk. Additionally, it offers high-definition graphics and immersive sound that make you feel as if you were in a real stadium, taking the baseball experience to another level. All this in an efficient space of only 170 m².

Highlighted features of traditional batting cages

Highlighted features of Strikezon simulators

  • An Elite Batting Cage Boasts the Following Dimensions:

Length: 20 m Width: 4 m Height: 3.8 m

Immersive experience: No more traditional batting cages; with Strikezon, feel like you are in a real game.

It is Manufactured with an 18 - Gauge Square Mesh Net with 4.5 cm Squares. The material: heavy-duty braided nylon rope, tarred, and UV-treated.

Group matches: The ability to compete with up to 18 people simultaneously

​Includes an 8mm Black Rope Along the Entire Edge of the Net and 40cm Stitching for Increased Durability.

​Enjoy pitching, batting, and experiencing each play as if you were on a real playing field.

​Profitable business: A unique opportunity for investors looking for profitability.

​Scalable business: With the potential to grow and expand in the market.

​Efficient space: With just 170 m², you can establish your own Strikezon business.

​Reduced costs: Strikezon operating costs are significantly lower compared to conventional restaurants and bars.

​Touch Kiosk: Interact with the game, customize players, and define defensive strategies through a touch interface.

High Visual Quality: High-definition graphics for an immersive visual experience.

​Immersive Sound: With a stadium sound environment, feel the adrenaline of each play.

Whether it’s for a new or existing restaurant, bar, stadium, sports complex or entertainment locations, Batbox recreates a new way of interaction to baseball.


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