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Batbox Experience Baseball Simulators

About Batbox.

Batbox is a completely new and innovative concept in the US that caters the underserved baseball fan market, offering a playful way for sports fans to engage with baseball and with each other. 

Batbox offers an immersive baseball simulator experience for people of all ages, offering your customers a real life-like ball experience creating a high energy social and competitive atmosphere.

About Us

Batbox will be offering venues across America the opportunity to add the best premium baseball simulator in their existing business.


Designed to appeal to sports and entertainment enthusiasts, Batbox’s concept stems from the sport itself, where everything from its branding, design and furniture is inspired by baseball teams, stadiums and lifestyle.

Baseball Simulator


Baseball, America’s national pastime and the highest ticket selling sports and yet, it has never been approached this way before. 

Batbox is dedicated to bringing people in America closer to the game of baseball, aiming to serve an unattended baseball fan market, by offering baseball fans the opportunity to enjoy the game in a new, fun, innovative and accessible way. 

Baseball Simulator Batting


Batbox looks to be one of the fastest growing sports entertainment concepts in the continent, now expanding into a huge unattended market in the US.

We are looking for sport-loving business owners who want to join us in the mission to expand this amazing sports & lifestyle brand, taking baseball closer to more people every day. 

Kiosk Interaction Baseball Simulator


Batbox offers a revolutionary immersive experience with real sports equipment and pitching machine that utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring new dimension to the game, where up to 18 players can enjoy a complete life-like ballgame. 

Designed with a stadium-style experience in mind and featuring a dugout and batting field area, Batbox recreates the ballpark environment for guests with turns as both spectator and player.

What makes us different?

While there are batting cages and baseball simulators designed for training, at present there is no baseball-focused entertainment concept that combines the virtual experience of playing baseball with a social atmosphere and great food and beverage. 

Other sports simulators rely on technology alone, Batbox combines high definition screen simulation and electronic sensors with real ball play—both pitching and at-bats—giving guests control over the way they interact with the game and an invigorating, physical experience. 

Baseball Simulator Batbox
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