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3 Real Life examples on how to increase you revenue with Baseball Simulators

In a market full of promises to improve business performance, it's rare to find tools that deliver tangible results. Among the noise, our baseball simulator stands out as a proven way to attract and engage customers. In this article, we will explore three real-world examples demonstrating its successful implementation with three clients.

Community FieldHouse - Houston, Texas

21+ Weekly Home Run Derby Event

Photo from Instagram by Community Field House

The first BATBOX in Texas found its home at Community FieldHouse, a multifaceted venue for sports, dining, and entertainment in Spring, TX. Operational since earlier this year, they've swiftly capitalized on their simulator's potential.

For $50 per hour, visitors can rent the STRIKEZON simulator and enjoy a variety of experiences, including dining, coffee, and a regular bar. In addition to regular bookings, they have also introduced the 21+ Weekly Home Run Derby Event, a BATBOX batting cage simulator Home Run Derby Challenge that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday from 8-9 pm. Participants can engage in friendly competition with friends using the high-tech baseball sims on home run derby mode while enjoying beer buckets. For a fee of $5/player, participants can sign up and take as many turns as time permits.

Inside Golf & Games - Ames, Iowa

Entertainment Variety with a Baseball Twist

Photo from FUEL Young Professionals kickoff Event

Inside Golf and Games, an entertainment hub in Ames, Iowa, offers an array of activities including golf simulators, axe throwing, and bowling. However, what sets it apart from the rest are our baseball simulators.

Their pricing structure varies depending on the day and time. Weekday rates for a half an hour session are set at $50 USD, while weekend rates are $60 USD. In addition to individual sessions, they offer the option to rent out their entire venue for corporate events and team building. Corporate events and team-building sessions can reserve the entire Axe Venue from Monday to Wednesday. The cost for the first hour is $495, followed by $395 for the second hour and $295 for the third hour.

Great Lakes Sports Hub - Crown Point, Indiana

Affordable Entertainment in a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Great Lakes Sports Hub, which is located in Crown Point, Indiana, has a STRIKEZON Baseball simulator in their clubhouse that contributes to their family-friendly atmosphere. This makes it a perfect place for parents who want to relax while their children train in the facility.

The BATBOX is an exclusive feature of the Clubhouse that offers a range of experiences, from competitive play to exploring innovative technology or simply enjoying some amusement. Notably, their pricing model is different from others, as they charge $20 per person for a full hour of gameplay.


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