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Batbox: The new sensation at The Great Lakes Sports Hub

The 8.5-acre sports complex known as The Great Lakes Sports Hub is undergoing an exciting transformation that is sure to delight sports enthusiasts throughout the region.

Formerly known as the Crown Point Family Fun Center, The Hub is reinventing itself as the preferred destination for elite athletes and sports lovers. Among the latest additions that will thrill baseball fans is Batbox, the baseball simulator that will take the diamond experience to a whole new level. Join us as we explore all the exciting updates that The Great Lakes Sports Hub has to offer.

Discover The Great Lakes Sports Hub: An elite sports destination

The Great Lakes Sports Hub, formerly known as the Crown Point Family Fun Center, is transforming with top-notch facilities. The Hub offers a wide range of options for sports enthusiasts and athletes of all levels.

Amenities you can enjoy at The Great Lakes Sports Hub:

- Gym Hero: This state-of-the-art Performance Center will help you improve your strength, physical well-being, and athletic performance.

- Hero +: Recover and recharge after an intense training session at the HERO Performance Center, with options like cryotherapy, red light therapy, and a sauna.

- Hub Pub: Enjoy a rotating menu at the Hub Pub showcasing the best local restaurants.

The addition of Batbox: A revolutionary baseball game

The most exciting addition to The Great Lakes Sports Hub is undoubtedly Batbox. This cutting-edge baseball simulator promises to take the baseball experience to a whole new level.

What makes Batbox unique?

1. Immersive experience: With Batbox, you'll experience baseball like never before. Forget about simple pitching machines in closed cages. With Batbox, you'll feel like you're on the diamond, ready to face the pitcher.

2. Game flexibility: Whether you prefer a quick 3-inning game or a full 9-inning showdown, Batbox offers you the flexibility to decide. You can even play in groups of up to 18 people, perfect for friendly matches or family competitions!

3. Stadium quality: Thanks to high-definition graphics and stadium ambient sound, every swing, every hit, and every game feels like you're in a real stadium.

4. Total Control: Batbox puts control in your hands. You can adjust the ball's speed, height, and direction, tailoring the experience to your skill level and experience.

5. Guaranteed safety: Batbox's technology goes beyond fun; and ensures a 100% safe experience. Its recognition sensors prevent the ball from being thrown if you're not in the correct batting position. Furthermore, a countdown prepares you for the pitch, giving you time to connect that coveted home run.

6. Variety of game modes: From the classic Home Run Derby to the exciting Pitching Challenge, Batbox offers a variety of game modes to ensure you never get bored.

With the addition of Batbox, The Great Lakes Sports Hub solidifies itself as the ultimate destination for baseball enthusiasts and sports lovers in general. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the excitement of this revolutionary baseball simulator while enjoying all the other top-notch facilities that The Hub has to offer. Get ready for an unparalleled sports experience at The Great Lakes Sports Hub!

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