Experience virtual baseball with Strikezon’s technology.

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Our proprietary technology, Strikezon, combines HD screen simulation and high-speed camera sensors with real ball play offering the most realistic indoor baseball experience and highest quality premium product on the market.

Strikezon is a branch of Golfzon Newdin Group, the biggest indoor entertainment company in the world with more than 40,000 sports simulators installed in over 7,000 locations in 63 countries. ​Strikezon uses the same technology as Golfzon Vision, the best-selling golf simulator in the world and named best premium golf simulator by Golf Digest for 5th year in a row.


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Full HD Graphics

  • Includes a Full HD, 5000 Lumen Laser projector giving it a MLB stadium-feel for players in the batting cage showing realistic graphics of the stadium, players and fans.

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Vision Sensors

  • Ranked as one of the most precise sensors in the world, accurately senses and projects the ball movement of strikes, balls, fouls, hits and home runs.

  • Uses high speed cameras that are able to accurately detect the exact trajectory of the ball with 98% precision.

  • Includes an automatic sensing inside the batting cage allowing the ball to be pitched only when our high technology vision sensors recognize the batter inside the batting cage, eliminating accidents and making it more enjoyable entertainment experience.

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Pitching Simulator Machine, Automatic Slider and Ball Collector

  • Adjustable ball speed, height, and direction according to individual player.

  • Automatic pitching slider that only opens through sensor recognition.

  • Automatic ball collecting system.

  • Includes soft balls for easier batting and no risk of injury. (We also provide the option of having hard balls.)

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Touch Kiosk

  • Includes a high-tech, touch screen, red kiosk PC which gives players an easy-to-use tool enhancing an active and engaging baseball experience.

  • Personalize your game by choosing from our game modes, select your teams and choose difficulty, ball speed and height for every player.

  • Create a defensive strategy for your opponent changing ball trajectory, speed and positioning your defenders in every pitch.

  • Keep track of score, stats, and time of play.

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Sound System

  • Includes HD speakers and surround sound to enhance realistic perception of a baseball stadium through the actual play sound effects, broadcasting, and crowd noise.