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Batbox, the ultimate baseball entertainment attraction for your venue.

Are you looking to maximize revenue, monetize your spaces and attract new customers?

Batbox is an immersive baseball simulator experience and the perfect attraction and business unit to add into any new or existing venue.


About Us

Batbox is the perfect experience, attraction and amenity to add into any entertainment or hospitality venue, restaurant or sports bar.​

We use Strikezon, the
#1 premium indoor baseball simulators in the world, to offer a new and interactive indoor baseball and entertainment experience in America.

Baseball Fan
Baseball Simulator Strikezon


The #1 Baseball Simulator in the World.

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We've partnered with Strikezon, the pioneer & leading indoor baseball simulator technology manufacturer in the world, as their official distributor in the US.


Strikezon, combines HD screen simulation and high-speed camera sensors with real ball play offering the most realistic indoor baseball experience and highest quality premium product on the market.

Batbox At Your Venue

The greatest attraction for new or existing venues, from restaurants and sports bars to stadiums, sports complex, entertainment centers or training facilities, that are looking to:

  • Maximize income.

  • Bring in new customers & groups of up to 18 people per sim.

  • Create loyalty through leagues and tournaments.

  • Offer the best entertainment attraction for corporate events.

  • Generate more F&B income.

  • Create new, engaging visual content for marketing and social media platforms.

Baseball Simulator Batting

How to Get Batbox?



Acquire your own baseball simulator and enjoy all the benefits.
Maximize revenue through hourly play and generate a great ROI.

Starts at $58,500 USD.

How to Get Batbox?


Get your own baseball simulator for just $1,600 to $2,800 USD per month with our financing and payment scheduling.

Pay your monthly fee with gameplay income and end up with a profit!

How to Get Batbox?

Partnership Program

Apply for Batbox Partnership Program and get Batbox into your venue with minimum investment and low risk.

Minimum investment required.


Our Products

Baseball Simulator

Maximizing reality of real baseball parks! Strikezon.

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Our Products

Golf Simulators

Indoor Golf’s Most Awarded Simulator: Golfzon.

Contact Us

Contact Us

4253 Kellway Circle, 75001 Addison TX  |  +1 (210) 968-8585

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