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Batbox looks to expand its concept and technology to the US

Jose Vargas, CEO of SIMCo, the holding company of Batbox USA, created Batbox in 2019, just before the pandemic started. The confinement threatened his vision of taking sports entertainment to the next level, offering an innovative way to live the passion for baseball.

However, the obstacle became motivation, and today, less than four years later, Batbox is already a renowned entertainment center in Mexico that seeks to expand to the United States.

In April 2023, the company announced the addition of Craig Winning as the new head of Batbox USA, with the sole mission of taking baseball to a whole new level and bring it closer and more accesible to people in America.”In the US, baseball is more than just a sport. The idea is to replicate this successful concept in the United States. We will take our winning formula that has been so successful in Mexico, and adapt it for what the North American fan wants to experience when they go to a ballpark, as that is the main objective of Batbox: that people feel as if they were on a real field,” Craig told us when we asked him about Batbox USA’s short-term vision.

“We aim to bring sports closer to more people through the use of technology. Thanks to our simulators, people can now play baseball in an innovative and fun way, as if they were in the stadium. Our intention is to bring the experience to every corner of the world. Opening our first venue on US soil will strengthen the culture of baseball and will take us a step closer in our mission to grow the sport,” said Craig Winning.

We also asked him about Batbox’s differentiating factor within the entertainment industry, to which he responded, “You won’t find the technology of our simulators anywhere else. They are a good option for learning the sport from scratch, but also for competing seriously and improving your game level. All this while socializing with friends in a unique environment. Batbox is a place to go multiple times”

Batbox USA has identified different markets that could benefit from its innovative concept, such as stadiums, developments, sports clubs, entertainment centers, and more.

“Our plan is to partner with baseball fans, players, former players, and entrepreneurs who want to invest in the future of sports entertainment”.


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